Wheelhouse Cycle

Wheelhouse Cycle is a small start-up spinning company located in Ottawa. Their business model follows that of the ever-popular spinning fitness chain Soul Cycle.

Wheelhouse was in the process of building their brand from scratch and needed my help with their visual identity, storefront, business cards and merchandise.

I started this project by joining the owners for a spinning class in their basement. I had no idea how much energy it takes to get though a spinning class and immediately earned a full appreciation of how difficult it can be. The owners of Wheelhouse are both Newfoundlanders and the Wheelhouse is the place in a boat where the captain steers the ship. After several brainstorming sessions and many sketches I digitized the emblem and we moved forward with applying it to various applications. The logo is made of six wheels which represent the three bicycles that the owners began with in their basement. The emblem consists of one bike for each owner and the third for their guest so that they can always look back at their roots and never forget that without each other and their guests Wheelhouse Cycle would not be possible.

My Role
Visual Identity & Branding