Jenna is a Graphic Designer that is committed to delivering on her customers’ expectations. Whatever the scale or complexity of client needs, she is consistently capable of envisioning the desired end goals and crafting the means to reach them.  Jenna can take big picture visual communications strategies and break them down into manageable tasks and production time lines.

As a bilingual and multifaceted designer, Jenna works in numerous print, web and interactive media. She is proficient with the full Adobe Creative Suite, Cubase, Microsoft Project/Merlin 2 and the Microsoft Office Suite. She is also fluent in myriad coding languages and web platforms like HTML, CSS and WordPress. The types of projects that she most enjoys involve crafting visual identities, digital strategies, interactive multimedia and motion graphics. She even finds satisfaction in more technical tasks, for example the organization of neglected file structures, asset libraries and archival data.

Jenna has a strong track record of success producing demonstrable improvements for her clients. Notable results include an increase in membership buy-in on national campaigns, significant increases in subscribers through digital media strategies, aesthetic improvements via visual overhauls of large scale fund-raising events and more efficient daily operations through accessible communications tools.

Jenna is capable of tackling the challenges of any graphic design project and will exceed the expectations of even the most discerning customer. For further inquiries, please get in touch via the “Contact” link on the left hand side.